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My mission is to empower women to make fearless choices to embrace our one, wild & precious life; free of constant food thoughts and guilt. That is why I created my Fearless with Food Program that is customized for your specific needs, tastes & schedule. I will work with you in virtual one-on-one sessions, provide access to recipes, inspiration, tips, tricks & the Fearless Foodie Community for endless support! There's no better time than now to invest in yourself.


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fearless with food program

This comprehensive nutrition program is divided into four distinct phases, each designed to get you closer to your happiest, healthiest, most-fearless life!

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explore your current food habits, obstacles and history and evaluate how it affects your relationship with food

Healthy Bowl


apply all your hard work to change the rest of your life and feel fearless in every situation



understand the foundation of nutrition & components that impact your health like stress, sleep & diet culture

Healthy Meal


focus on how to make food fun & enjoyable while falling and staying in love with your body

what are you waiting for?

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what fearless foodies are saying

 "Morgaine has really taught me how to eat fearlessly while also knowing how to properly set up my plate. She has given me so many tools for success and I can’t recommend her enough!"


"I am no longer controlled by unhealthy cravings due to an unbalanced diet. I am in control of what I eat, able to choose the things I enjoy, not because I feel like I need to have something but simply because I want it."


 "My results were instantaneous and not only was this a change for my current state but for my life moving forward. Morgaine is so insightful with what foods work with your individual needs."

alyssa, age 26

alex, age 25

hannah, age 28

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