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the fearless foodie community

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-Caitlin, Jen, Leah (8 week Group Program)

-megan, age 22

-grace, age 35

-robert, age 30

-desiree, age 35

-connie, age 39


-samantha, age 36

-rebecca, age 28

-katie, age 29

-andrea, age 29

alex, age 25

"I am no longer controlled by unhealthy cravings due to an unbalanced diet. I am in control of what I eat, able to choose the things I enjoy, not because I feel like I need to have something but simply because I want it.
Having someone there to help set goals, stay on track, and motivate me to keep going made this process simple and attainable...

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alyssa, age 26

"Since I started working with Morgaine, I have gained so much knowledge! She has really taught me how to eat fearlessly while also knowing how to properly set up my plate. She has given me so many tools for success and I can’t recommend her enough!...


"Morgaine had me engaged the entire time, we have excellent conversations, she is very knowledgeable about giving the right suggestions about nutrition"


"I thoroughly enjoyed her instagram posts and decided it was time to have a healthier relationship with food. "


"I enjoy talking through my nutrition needs with MOrgaine and getting ideas on how to better take care of myself"

desiree, age 35

"I can say for the first time in my life I didn't spend all of December and the holidays in a constant state of guilt and anxiety over what I weigh or what I was taking in, because I knew how to listen to my body's cues in what I was taking in, all because of Morgaine's program.

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dg, age 38

"Morgaine is a wonderfully supportive dietitian and coach. She met me where I was and never made me feel bad for having made certain choices. Instead of calorie counting, we focused on how to create meals that were well rounded....

emily, age 27

"I feel more confident in myself and my nutrition than I ever have before. I feel like I have built up a strong foundation for nutrition moving forward in life."

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hannah, age 28

"With Morgaine's guidance I no longer have guilt over carbs or the occasional indulgence! My favorite part is that she does not have you restrict ANYTHING - that's how it should be! My results were instantaneous and not only was this a change for my current state but for my life moving forward...

illene, age 69

"Morgaine has taught me that your body must have a certain amount of foods from every food group at every meal. Yes, she acknowledged that you need to monitor everyday caloric intake, but you absolutely should not deprive your body of the necessary amounts of protein, fruits and veggies (not considered carb) and even the “dreaded” fats and carbs."

jen, age 30

"I cannot stress enough how life changing this program is. Anyone who is on the fence about joining— all I can say is DO IT! Take the chance and you won’t regret it!"


"Morgaine is wonderful to work with. I thought I knew many of tips and tricks about eating healthier, but she has definitely taught me some things I didn't know"

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