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desiree, age 35

Morgaine came into my life almost year into the pandemic, when I had been at home with my kids for 11 months. I felt like I had a lost a lot of my healthy skills, including eating healthy and keeping my body moving. I had spent most of my life yo-yoing in weight to a degree and it had really started to creep up in Covid times. I felt like I was constantly tracking what I was eating and then feeling ravenous and binge eating. I was totally out of control. Her program taught me how to think rationally about food again. It was amazing how just simple planning and forethought about what my day and week might look like, and getting enough proteins, carbs, and colors almost made my intense binging fests stop almost immediately. It was crazy. I felt out of control for so long and these simple steps, in collaboration with our check ins, helped me to regain a feeling of appreciation for food and my body. She encouraged me to start working with a trainer and I am now the strongest I have ever been in my life too! I LOVE working out in ways I had never done before. Knowing how to fuel my body properly and treat it well has allowed me to focus on honoring it rather than punishing it, a mindset I've had almost all my life.
As a busy mom of 2 and full time business owner, I'm constantly on the go. Planning isn't in my nature and this is an element I still at times struggle with-- but knowing how and what to plan for myself and my family's meals-- brings me back to feeling in a great state again. I can say for the first time in my life I didn't spend all of December and the holidays in a constant state of guilt and anxiety over what I weigh or what I was taking in, because I knew how to listen to my body's cues in what I was taking in, all because of Morgaine's program. It has seriously given me such a peace of mind that I have never had before. If you struggle with over eating, under eating, feeling yourself yo yo constantly, binge eating, body image issues-- any of these things, Morgaine is like a personal nutrition cheerleader who helps you live your life in a much healthier and positive way.
She's worth every penny!

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