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illene, age 69

"As a woman of almost 70, I have seen many diets and diet concepts come and go. Scarsdale, Weight Watchers, Beachbodys, low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat, intermittent fasting ….on and on. Frankly, I have successfully lost weight on all of them , but instead of feeling great like I thought I would, I was miserable. I was always hungry, cranky and craving foods high in calories and was very low in energy. It got to the point where I was too weak to workout. I became very frustrated with the whole thing and basically stopped trying . As you can imagine, the results were not good!! Then I met Morgaine. What a difference she has made in my life.

Morgaine has taught me that your body must have a certain amount of foods from every food group at every meal. Yes, she acknowledged that you need to monitor everyday caloric intake, but you absolutely should not deprive your body of the necessary amounts of protein, fruits and veggies (not considered carb) and even the “dreaded” fats and carbs. They are needed to nourish your body, provide you with energy and curb your gnawing hunger. It seems so simple but so few people follow those concepts. The difference is amazing!

The weight loss may be a little slower, but the most surprising thing I found was, nourishing your body properly, allows you to stop thinking about dieting all the time and provides you with the energy to start living!

If you are struggling with similar issues, you may want to explore what Morgaine has to offer. She has lots of insight into healthy eating and can tailor things to your specific needs. She is very patient and can truly give you a new perspective on maintaining a healthy body!"

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