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jen, age 30

"Sadly, like I’m sure majority of others feel, I viewed carbs as the WORST thing. Removing carbs = being skinny in my eyes. Being a woman in my early 30s I turned towards fad diets, elimination diets, limited calories- you name it, I tried it. I removed dairy for months because “it helped my digestion” when in reality it just hurt me more! I ate the same meals every day because I could control my calorie intake. There I was trying to revolve my life around food and what “was best” and all I was doing was continuing to do more harm than good. I experienced limited bowel movements, I was tired and often battling nasty headaches, not to mention I was also very cranky ! My body was trying to tell me something and instead of listening, I ignored. One day I decided it had to end and I signed on with Fearless with Food. Morgaine helped me undo all the damage I had been doing to myself for YEARS. I felt comfortable to share my past nutrition experiences and I felt I was heard and understood. Together, morgaine and I started to slowly bring back in dairy, started to add carbs to each meal, I stopped restricting everything and started to realize my body was happy- I was happy! I couldn’t have made such changes without her help. The program has taught me so much and opened my eyes to a whole new world of nutrition. I am having these delicious, balanced meals that are different! I have realized that depriving myself of certain items was not the answer. I cannot stress enough how life changing this program is. Anyone who is on the fence about joining— all I can say is DO IT! Take the chance and you won’t regret it!"

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