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mollie, age 28

"Where to even begin! Morgaine taught me so much over our 90 days together. When I first signed up for this program, my goal was to lose weight. Morgaine helped me realize my unhealthy dieting habits and helped me to realize that I should be focusing more on my relationship with food and fueling my body rather than the number on a scale. She had helped me to completely rethink the way I view food. Morgaine is all about balance! She helped me work through guilt of the weekends and my all or nothing mentality. Prior to this program, I would have an indulgent meal or weekend and I would let that impact the rest of my day or even week. Now when I overindulge, I rarely feel that guilt. I am able to move on and nourish my body rather than punish it. Her fearless with food program is applicable to any stage of life and I truly believe anyone who struggles with their relationship with food will benefit from this program. Thank you Morgaine for everything!"

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