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tom, age 34

"Working with Morgaine was extremely rewarding. Over the course of three months I developed a much improved relationship with my food and an appetite for healthy exercise. Morgaine has an arsenal of materials, resources, and wisdoms to share and she is able to do so in a very natural, conversational manner. Working with Morgaine often felt like I was nerding out over food with a wise friend.

I really enjoy cooking (and eating!). Morgaine was able to give me some simple tips that allowed me to cook more mindful meals without reducing my enjoyment. Combined with her mindful eating techniques I am eating much healthier, but I’m actually enjoying my food more than ever! The basic information Morgaine gives you is simple to understand and would seem simple to implement, but that’s where I’ve always struggled. Morgaine was able to identify the techniques that worked best for me and coached me to my goal. Morgaine also worked with my wife and I was able to see how she customized her approach for each of us and helped us implement mindful eating across our household.

Morgaine continuously stressed the importance of exercise, but never pushed me further than I was ready to go. I was reluctant to make time for it at first, but we worked through a number of ideas and ultimately my mindset has changed completely. The first success was her recommendation that I take nightly walks with the dogs. After learning that I like productive activities, she recommended setting aside 30 minutes a day for physical projects (yardwork, etc.) – this was an amazing idea and not only helped me get the exercise I was missing in my life, but made me a more productive person in general. I was worried that I would struggle to stick to my exercise routine once I stopped meeting with Morgaine, but I’ve actually taken it further. I now lift every other day and ride my bike all over town! I don’t know how she did it, but I now crave exercise and I feel great.

I now eat healthier, exercise consistently, and enjoy every minute of it thanks to Morgaine! Morgaine is amazing and I highly recommend her services."

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